“I am Rosella and I have been addicted to drugs since I was a little girl. I have been in and out of jail several times and lost everything. On behalf of Richard and the Colorado Therapy Horses, he has helped me learn to trust God and to cope with life without using drugs. He found a new way of life of getting high on life through the experience of spending time with the horse. They showed me there is more to life than being high. They have changed my life from being hateful. I never trusted or loved anyone including myself. Since I met the horses I love everyone and everything even me. I was a methamphetamine addict and now I’m sober for 90 days. I thank the horse for being there when you ask them too. God blessed me by putting the horse program in my life. I know God has spoken to me through these magnificent animals. I know they love me and I know I am worthy of change. I lost everything and everyone I’ve ever loved. I was suicidal and didn’t care if I lived or died. I am still alone, but thanks to Richard and his horses I have reason to go on with my life. They made me realize I’m somebody and that I am loveable. The horses taught me that there is hope for us lonely people and that I have been my worst enemy in how I punished myself more than anyone else did. Because of the horse I am beginning to believe in myself and I DON’T HAVE TO BE A VICTIM ANYMORE! The horse is such a Godly animal. I never thought they could teach me how to heal. Thank you God! “