Jason Lee S

“My experience at Richard’s ranch with his horses was awesome!  I was an angry control freak, who used everyone I could.  I am a methamphetamine addict.  I got into drugs as a teenager, as I learned from the horses, to try to get ultimate control of something, which I quickly lost control and went to jail.  The horses put me in touch with some of my emotions that I have had troubles with over my life and it put in perspective a different way to cope.  I felt very safe around the horse because Richard explained key situations to be aware of and how to read the emotions of the horse.  It was a learning experience I will never forget the rest of my life.  The bigness of the animal helped me see how powerless I was and that out of that I could find my true personal power.  I really believe that every one of the alcoholics and addicts in Greeley should experience what I did.  Thanks!”

Jason Lee S.