"When you see a bunch of humans standing in a herd of horses”

About Us

Creating a unique bond that lasts a life time

The Colorado Therapy Horses is a ‘staff’ of trained Warmblood horses and humans that ‘Heal the Hearts of emotionally hurting humans like veterans with PTSD and their families, adult and child cancer survivors, underserved and at risk youth, kids and adults with special needs, broken child and family relationships and all other kinds of ‘Wounded Humans’ such as those with alcohol and drug addiction and sexual, physical and emotional abuse survivors.

The centerpiece of the program happens when the participants engage in a unique non-riding Equine Therapy called “Natural Humanship Training”, which was developed by our founder Richard C. McMahan, MA, NHTIII, CACIII with 35 years and tens of thousands of hours of experience. Human Interpersonal Services (HIS, Inc.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to serving people that other agencies are reluctant to serve. Fees are on a sliding scale by donation only. We pride ourselves by having on one paid employee, our barn manager and rely totally on volunteers including the founder, CEO and Clinical Director. All support goes to care for our staff of 18 “Foundation War Horses.”

What we are here for

There are almost to many benefits to list about the horses. But we specialize in a few areas. Available to the public we offer

Equine Therapy

We provide a safe environment where people can come and heal. Our trained herd of 18 Trakehner horses provide the ‘Gestalt’ for the healing experience.

Overcoming Fear

Life presents us with many difficult challenges. Colorado Therapy horses is a place to overcome the fears we may gain in life.

Enhancing Communication

Often times confrontations or arguments start as a simple misunderstanding. We strive to help people communicate better


What better way to get to know your neighbor then spending quality time around horses. We are proud to be the entity by which our community grows.

We need your help!

A Few Of Our Sponsors

We are lucky to have such a great opportunity to provide for our community. But none of this would be possible without the help of our generous sponsors.
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PDC Energy

Platinum Level Sponsor
PDC Energy is a responsible company that is quick to support the healing cause
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Lucky 3 Ranch

Platinum Level Sponsor
For years Meredith Hodges has remained committed to her mission to foster the public’s interest in mules and donkeys and broaden our understanding of these wonderful animals. Her dedication has brought recognition in many forms.
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Goodwinol Products Corporation

Gold Level Sponsor
Goodwinol provides veterinary products to pet health care distributors, clinics and retail shops as well as the horse, livestock and poultry industries. While we do not sell to retail customers, they are welcome to call the company with questions or for referrals
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Leprino Foods

Silver Level Sponsor
At Leprino Foods, we dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding value to customers through our uncompromising commitment to our Core Values. Our Core Values are the guiding principles we follow in order to continuously improve the health and longevity of our company and our customers.


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